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Magento Support Deadlines

COMMERCE Release Release Date End of Software Support Enterprise Edition 1.9 July 2010 July 2012** Enterprise Edition 1.10 February 2011 February 2013** Enterprise Edition 1.11 August 2011 August 2013** Enterprise Read More »

How to improve customer experience, and increase revenue by using cross selling effectively in ecommerce

I remember an episode of The Office (US) where Ryan asks Micheal whether it is more cost effective to keep an existing customer, or to get a new one. According Read More »

Magento – A go-live checklist

Whilst there are many tasks you need to undertake during the development of a new Magento site, there are also a lot of steps you need to go through when Read More »

Image management for Magento1

From time to time, you might want to remove all the images that are associated with a Magento product. This might be for any number of reasons, but starting from Read More »

How Magento2 implements Plugins

I recently wrote a post about Aspect Oriented Programming, and how developers can use it within Magento 2. However, I didn’t cover anything about what Magento 2 is actually doing Read More »

Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) – Plugins with Magento2

A little about AOP Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm that tries to increase modularity of code. It does this by allowing the separation of “cross-cutting” concerns. This Read More »

MageTitansMCR 2016

As another MageTitans ends, I’ve come away super charged as I always do from these events. I always try to make sure that I’m surrounded by intellegent people, and these Read More »

Setting up a Magento Users Group – Why finding like-minded people is so important

At MageTitans Mini this past May, I did an impromptu talk entitled “Setting up a Magento User Group”. Whilst most of that was me trying to remember why I’d even Read More »

Tips for running Docker on Windows Part I

I’m a little late to the Docker party. However, we’re experiencing an increasing number of issues (mostly speed) with our current development environment (VMs), so I really wanted to explore Read More »

Why does Magento ping it’s own local.xml file?

Magento has several configuration files – one of the most important local.xml, which contains all of your configuration details. Your database connection, caching connection details, where to store sessions – Read More »

Dealing with large collections in Magento

Large collections are inevitable. If your Magento store has been running for more than a minute, you’ll have orders. You might have hundreds of orders. Thousands of orders. Hundreds of Read More »

#MageTitans 2015 – Magento conference

This Saturday (7th November) I headed to Manchester for MageTitans 2. For anyone not in the know, MageTitans was an extremely successful Maegnto conference organised by Manchester Digital last year. Read More »