It won’t have escaped note that Google are updating their PageRank algorithm soon to take into account the speed of the web server that supplies the information.

This throws up many questions like whos going to define how quick “quick” is? – what happens if Google indexes your site which is on a shared host when another site is taking a pounding? Alot of Google’s recent announcements have all involved “speed” as a central issue, and as such, Google have released a series of tools over at

Anyone wanting to know more about the algorithm hanges can check out

I think we can all expect this to become a big selling point for server providers – such as UKFast who already make great play of the fact in their documentation. Remember though, this isn’t an official announcement of intention as such – they ould still implement this in a different way if they wanted to.

I assume we’ll all hve to go back to text heavy sites with ascii art now.

Image Credit: Tolka Rover