I mentioned yesterday that Google Chrome Extensions are in the here and now as opposed to a distant figure on the horizon.

You’ll need to go grab the beta of Chrome from http://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/ as it’s not in the release version yet, but once you do, you can play to your heart’s content.

I have a feeling that innovation may be a little few and far between since Firefox has been out for so long, there is such a base of extensions there. It reminds me slightly of a conversation Gina Trapani and Matt Cutts were having on Twitter regarding the lack of truely original apps on Android. Almost everything has already been covered by Apple’s iPhone.

Chrome may also struggle as Android’s market-place has with getting the volume of content on the site in the first place as adoption by programmers may take some time.

However, I’m sure that won’t put developers or users off using Google Chrome extensions- as its still (for the time being) lightning quick. There are already some great extensions to get started, like:

Speed Tracer

Chromed Bird

Google Wave Notifier

Image Credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video