Google announced this week on its blog that you will now be able to upload up to 250mb files onto 1gb of storage on it’s cloud system.

Many news outlets have noted that Microsoft’s Sky Drive – which Google is going into direct competition with – offers 25gb straight off the bat. Also, many other services, such as DropBox already offer large scale data redundancy and synchronised backup.

However, this is Google. It’s not like they’re pushed for space. GMail started off at this kind of mark and increased to 2.5gb fairly quickly (although we’re talking emails… not “large graphics files, RAW photos, ZIP archives and much more” that Google themselves are pushing).

Of course, this begs the obvious question… why? My best bet would be on ChromeOS. The whole idea being based around Google Gears, Google Docs and Google’s Cloud. And there you have it. Google aren’t going to tell it’s customers to go and use Dropbox or Sky Drive, are they?

What everyone fails to notice is Google Mail & Picasa online storage pricing options that scale all the way up to 16TB. Who needs that much space?

Image Credit: splorp