This is the third Think Visibility I’ve attended (much thanks to Branded3 for forking out for the ticket!) I’ve really enjoyed the previous conferences and this one was no exception. Whilst I’m not an SEO, I have a keen interest in the area, and there is always enough going on that relates to the industry as a whole that its easy to just sit and listen and absorb information. I remember seeing a talk by Paul Boag at FOWD last year where he talked about not sitting an reading about what you do – you just won’t take enough in – reading AROUND the subject means you learn a lot more, and this is one of the reasons attending a conference like this is so important.

Think Visibility Opening

The hot topics at Think Visibility for me this year were: security, psychology and edge rank.

It’s been interesting to see the change in the industry over the past two years or so – pushing social interaction into online and offline campaigns. With it, brings an interesting shift into knowing about the psychology behind decision making. This incorporated the latter two topics for me.

I really enjoyed the more technical talk about security in web applications by Glyn Wintle. Whilst aware of much of what he talked about, it was interesting to see that what he talked about was merely the tip of the ice berg of a fascinating topic.

A great aspect of this conference is its downtime between talks, and before and after the conference. Everyone is so approachable, and everybody at the conference has a different background. People attend from various backgrounds – internal seo staff, seo agencies, freelancers, CEOs, speakers etc, and this means there is always an interesting conversation to have. The previous two visits I’d had to Think Visibility I kept myself to myself, but this time I was determined to say hello to people, and hope I didn’t come across as someone who didn’t know too much!

This SEO conference is well worth attending and great that its so local (Leeds), and not in London!

Oh yeah, also, there was Robot Wars.

Think Visibility - Robot Wars

The next Think Visibility conference planned for March 2012.