There are always features you might not want to use with Magento. Many themes will offer features in-built that you might need to remove, and instead of altering a template – for wishlists at least – you should be able to simply update your configuration to remove this.

If you’re working on your own theme, or working with a client, wishlist functionality can add an overhead to design and development time that you might not want to support, so again, it’s important that this can be easily turned off.

Magento does offer the ability to disable certain modules, and to disable the output of certain modules too. However, in the case of the wishlist, you don’t want to do this.

Log into your admin system, and navigate to System -> Configuration -> Customers -> Whishlist. Under “General Options”, change “Enabled” to “No”.

If you’re using the default theme (or one that uses default functionality), you’re probably going to want to take a look at template/catalog/product/view/addto.phtml. The compare products and wishlist functionality has a “|” character between them, which you’ll want to remove.

Image Credit: Day 24/365