Well, as promised… a week or so late, the sharpfolio site is now active!

I’ve already gone off it to be honest, but it took a while to recode, so I’ll stick with it for a while !

Not sure what to do with my portfolio, think I might just be uploading stuff I work on in the future for the Sharpfolio bit of things, and redoing the portfolio page to keep all the legacy stuff. Think I might also have a clean out of things that I’m not brilliantly proud of anymore.

Anywho, there is a small list of things I want to get working still… these being:

Permalink rewrites – which I stuffed up whilst rewriting the theme. The default ones work just fine though, and before the revamp, they were the same.

Stopping the sharpfolio stuff appearing in the blog section. Pretty sure I could do this quickly, but the pagination would probably be wrong.

Image Credit: JD Hancock