Website Development

Turning ideas into reality for clients is what I really enjoy. PHP, MySQL, xHTML, CSS, SEO, JQuery … they’re all acronyms that probably don’t mean a lot to anyone, but they’re all technologies that can be used to make your website brilliant and findable via search engines.

If you’ve already got a designer on board to look after your pixel pushing, then you’ll need someone to turn your design in to standards compliant xHTML. Best practice is the key to everything I do, so you can be sure that when your site goes live, it will be to the highest standards.

WordPress development is something that I’ve started to have a lot of experience with since taking my new role at Branded3 in 2009. Whether you’re wanting to turn some designs or existing HTML into a wordpress theme, or you’re wanting to build a fancy plugin to do something within WordPress, I can help you plan and develop it.