Interesting article over at theregister about Safari 5’s new “reader” function. And the page is also a living example of a page compatible with it too.

Apparently, if Safari 5 recognises that the page you’re visiting contains an “article”, it will enable reader mode. Clicking the link in your URL bar will pop up a stripped down, reformatted display of the article for ease of reading. It will be very nice if this new feature makes it over to the iPad or iPhone be it in iOS4 or a future upgrade with safari more specifically in mind.

I haven’t really looked in to this, but I’d love it if this was in fact Apple jumping on the HTML 5 band wagon and actually related to the <article> tag. This would make it the first browser I believe to have something out of the box that specifically caters for and enhances a new HTML 5 tag. Of course, I’m probably wrong, and Opera also probably did it first ;)

Image Credit: Jody Art