Had a little bit of a falling out with my PC yesterday (perhaps a later post), but today, I found that I could no longer save for web in Photoshop (CS2).

I was getting the following error “Could not complete Export command because of a program error”.

After searching for a while, I found that you can get Photoshop to wipe its’ preferences. To do this, once you’ve clicked on the icon, hold ctrl+shift+alt as Photoshop boots. You should get a message asking you to confirm.

This didn’t cure the problem, but was a useful note.

What DID cure the problem was removing “the Save for Web” options.

These can be found here:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Adobe\Save For Web\9.0

Simply shut down Photoshop, delete the contents of the folder and restart Photoshop. Job’s a good ‘un.

Image Credit: Nrbelex