The words Google and DNS in the same sentence fill me with both excitement and apprehension.

For those that don’t know, we all rely on DNS (Domain Name Servers) to translate domain names (like into an IP address ( – which allows your machine to correctly identify the machine on the internet somewhere that holds the site you’re looking for.

Google, being the massive company they are, with fingers in many pies have just stuck their hand into the DNS pie. Their DNS even have catchy, memorable IP addresses themelves – &

Many ISPs who provide DNS services to their subscribers use them to intercept mistyped URLs and supply a page of ads – something Google could easily integrate with AdWords. It also means that – should they want to – Google ould gather more and more data on the usage habits of anyone using their DNS.

Could this be the next step in taking over the world without anyone realising?

Image Credit: MightyBoyBrian