You’ve probably noticed that Magento has the ability to create XML Sitemaps from the admin interface.

Whilst it gives you the option to specify a name, do so, and it will automatically reject it with the error Path is not available and cannot be used. Why?

Magento has a way of restricting what files are allowed to be for public viewing – done within it’s own XML configuration.

I recently wanted to create a sitemap_en.xml and sitemap_de.xml for a client, but couldn’t do so because of this.

As the configuration is handled via XML, we can over-ride this and add our own exemptions in. To do this, create a module, and in the config.xml fil, add the following.

This will then allow the addition of the two files – sitemap_en.xml and sitemap_de.xml – within any folder structure of the site.

Of course, doing this means you do need to pre-define the filenames. If you add a new language for example, you’ll need to update the configuratiuon.

Image Credit: Images George Rex