It seems from time to time, I like to refresh the design of this blog and try to re-enter the “blogsphere”. Really, I should just name my blog something obvious, like Graeme, but I don’t suffer from a lack of trying (in almost everything I do!).

It’s with great honour, that Kean Richmond has decided to help me out. As a dedicated friend and designer over at Bronco he’s got years of experience in making dreams come true for lonely web developers like me. I’ve wondered between free and bought themes over the past few years and never really landed on a site that was “mine”, but hopefully that’ll all change soon.

I’ve been doing a lot of WordPress templating at work of late, so I’m really getting the hang of what can be achieved. Hopefully there will be plenty of room to add features as and when I get chance. As well as templating the new site from a frontend perspective, I’m also going to have a bash at building an Object Oriented framework for WordPress templating too. Similar to how Thesis operates, but something more bespoke to the site and hopefully something I can use in the future on other projects and at work.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with his designs which can be seen in 3 blog posts on his site, here:

Image Credit: seier+seier